Eldest among the brothers, well verse with the medication and much adored among the hobbyist for his healing skill for almost impossible cases.

Youngest among the brothers, frequently plan trips to Japan to source for local enthusiast’s taste and budget is his top priority.

The farm was located at North East of Singapore consist of 1/2 acre of enrich soil suitable for Koi rearing. All the pond water is supplied from this 5 meter diameter well.

Not many Singaporean can afford the space to install a 20 tons Koi pond at home therefore renting a pond here is an alternative.

Mud pond like this is quickly grabbed by local hobbyist due to its bottom natural soil content and one of the few cement fencing pond in Singapore.

Another view of the mud pond in Summer catering to different needs.

The comfort of the hobbyists is also well taken care of. This is a great place to relax and interact with other hobbyists.