Product No: AS-01
Weight & Dimension: 2.2kg

REFRESH is Montmorillonite clay that is necessary for fish. It changes pond water to simulate the water quality in mud ponds.

REFRESH ROCK can be placed in filter systems, waterways or under water falls. More than 1 bag / ton (250gal.)

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Product No: AS-02
Weight & Dimension: 1.5kg

The most popular water conditioner in Japan for the cost and performance. It contains water purification bacteria, minerals and growth factors. It is effective for growth of Koi, water purification, prevention of disease, and improvement of bad physiological conditions. Add 50g (1.75oz) to 10t (2500 gallon) pond. More Info

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Product No: AS-03
Weight & Dimension: 2.5kg . 5kg . 10kg

BIO HEALTHY can enhance your pond water’s self-purification capacity by removing noxious gases and increasing the oxygen in the water.

  1. Effect of PSB
    Photosynthesis bacteria helps in water purification. They also enhance the brilliance and sheen of Koi’s skin with their carotin pigment.
  2. Effect of marine algae
    Northern Europe-grown marine algae contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids. They hasten photosynthesis and increase plankton population.
  3. Effect of minerals
    Contained required minerals such as calcium phosphate, magnesium and potassium.
  4. Effect of ceramic
    Contains Montmorillonite absorbs ammonia, and also adjusts the pH of water.

40g (1.4oz) / 1t (250 gal.) twice a week. Or 12g (0.42oz) / 1t (250 gal.) every day.

20g (0.7oz) / 1t(250gal.) twice a week. More Info

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Product No: AS-04
Weight & Dimension: –

Hikui disease (dermatitis cutitis) which nests and spoils Hi-plate is a very troublesome disease. BILLION LIQUID is developed for the purpose of curing this Hikui disease. BILLION LIQUID contains Propolis made in Brazil, polyvinylpyrrolidone, Vitamin B2, B6 etc… Wipe off moisture on the affected part, then apply BILLION LIQUID on the affected part. Please apply BILLION LIQUID about 3 times. More Info

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Koi Net

Product No: AS-05
Diameter: 27cm
Length: 110cm

Purpose built Koi Net from Japan. This will minimize stress and injuries to your kois during netting.

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Product No: AS-06
Weight & Dimension: –

Special Grooved Filter Mat to ensure maximum aeration to promote health bio bacteria growth.
8 feet by 5 feet

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KMK Magnetic Ring (Model: KMK H-30)

Product No: AS-07
Weight & Dimension: –

This product ionizes your pond water eliminating bad odour, neutralizes harmful toxic gases/chemicals and kill harmful bacteria. It improves aeration and thus the oxygen content in your pond. It balances and maintain the temperature of the water evenly throughout the pond. The powerful jets also create the necessary current in your pond to help exercise your koi and prevent stagnant water. With this product, you can achieve bigger and healthier kois with vibrant skin colors. SummerKoi Farm use this product extensively in our farm

Diameter: 30mm
Usage : Up to 25 ton pond

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Omni-U Water Pump ( Model: OMU-2 )

Product No: AS-08
Weight & Dimension: –

Our best selling water pump. Used extensively in SummerKoi Farm. Very low wattage and highly reliable.

Discharge 50mm Diameter, Head 5.2m max

Wattage: 150W
Rate: 220 l/min

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Hi Blow

Product No: AS-09
Weight & Dimension: –

The Air Pump that Koi hobbyists rely on.

Model Wattage Rate HP-10 10W 10 l/min HP-20 17W 20 l/min HP-40 40W 40 l/min

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Bio-Tron UV Light ( Model: UV-40A (40W))

Product No: AS-10
Weight & Dimension: Treats up to 50tons

UV Light is effective in killing all harmful bacterias and algae spores thus ensuring crystal clear and clean water for your kois. This model is used by most Japanese hobbyists.

Product No: AS-11
Length : 1.8m
2 sizes:  54cm .  60cm

Large Made-in-Japan Koi nets. Come in various sizes.

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Huminic Powder

Product No: AS-12
Weight & Dimension: 10Kg

It is known that kois need minerals & vitamins for strong immune system and body/skin definitions. Kois absorb minerals from the water they swim in. Huminic powder contains the required minerals for your koi.
Features of Huminic Powder :

  1. It absorbs ammonia, nitric acid & harmful chemicals in the water
  2. Counteract acid rain and prevent foaming
  3. Clears cloudy water and prevent foul odour
  4. Promotes active good bacteria growth in your filter
  5. Supply the necessary minerals to your kois.

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Rena Maxi Pond Filter System

Product No: AS-13

This Filter System is effective up to a pond size of 6 tonnes

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INDEX ID1000 PH Tester (Model: ID1000)

Product No: AS-14
PH Tester

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Koi Med Salt Meter

Product No: AS-15

Test the salt content of your pond water to prevent overdose and to administer accurate salt dosage.

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Product No: AS-16
Weight & Dimension: 227g

A synergistic blend of micro-organisms specifically selected & cultured for rapid degradation of organic compounds, such as vegetable detrius, leftover fishfood & fish waste.

1 Bottle can treat 18 tonnes of water

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AquMedi Bio Bacta

Product No: AS-17
Weight & Dimension: ·

Instantly ages fresh, marine & pond systems.

  • Removes & controls nitrite & ammonia
  • Controls algae & eliminates fish waste
  • Routine use assures clear water & ecological balance
  • Harmless to humans and animals

1 Bottle can treat 40 tonnes of water

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PSB – Purple Non Sulfur Bacteria

Product No: AS-18
Weight & Dimension: 1120ML

PSB improves water quality and removes bad odour.
Providing positive effects on fish and aquatic plant’s health and growth.
Routine use assures clear water & ecological balance

Usage : 10ml – 30ml per tonne of water

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Koi Measuring Board

Product No: AS-19
Weight & Dimension: ·

Koi Measuring Board directly imported from Japan

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Bacteria House from Momotaro

Product No: AS-20
Weight & Dimension: 10Kg

Bacteria House from Momotaro

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