Miracle Animal (Lactic Acid Bacteria)

Product No: KF-01
Weight & Dimensions: –

A natural plant extract made from the best ingredients that have been fermented and matured over long period. It enhances Koi’s healthy development, boost their immune system improves their physical conditions, and much more. More Info

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Hi-Silk21 Sweet Potato

Product No: KF-02
Weight & Dimensions: 5Kg

A tasty feed composed of sweet potato rich in thermostable vitamins help boost the immune system of your kois to prevent pathogenic micro-organisms infection. The brewers’ yeast(glutathionel) and oligosaccharides in the feed enhance your Kois’ health by regulating digestive function, stimulate the liver and have an anti-stress effect on your kois.

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Lovestar With Stevia Premium Koi Supplement

Product No: KF-03
Weight & Dimensions: 4kg (floating), 5kg (Sinking)

All natural Shrimp and Crab Chitin feed

  1. Shrimp and Crab Astaxanthin with shrimp nucleic acid
    – Astaxanthin promotes eggs production in female kois.
  2. Chitin Stevia effect offers resistance to disease
    – Stevia has anti-virus effect, increases immune power.
    – Gain body weights, easy to digest even at 58F.
    – Koi loves to eat LoveStar.
    – Koi Grows at amazing speed.
    – Brilliant color.
    – Improvement of water quality, Ph and soil.
    – Stevia is Anti-oxidant once digested.
    – Increases the resistance to low oxygen in water.

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Manda Nishiki Cho Genki

Product No: KF-04
Weight & Dimensions: 2kg

Manda Nishiki Cho Genki Food Pellet is already-mixed pellets with MANDA NISHIKI. This is for koi hobbyists who are too busy to add MANDA NISHIKI to the Koi food.

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Champion Colour Food

Product No: KF-05
Weight & Dimensions: 3Kg

The fish pellets contain a mixture of Spirulina and Manda aiding in Colour enhancement and Fast Growth. You can see the enhancement to the colours and the whiteness of your kois within 20 days of feeding.

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Product No: KF-06
Weight & Dimensions: 70g

MANDA NISHIKI is a health food for Nishikigoi, which produced by fermenting a fine selection of more than fifty different kinds of native plants in Japan. It is effective with the following three points :

  1. Enhancing Hi
  2. Brightening body surface
  3. Stimulating growth. More Info

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Product No: KF-07
Weight & Dimensions: 1kg

BILLION PRO ORIGINAL is for dealers or hobbyists who have big ponds and large numbers of Nishikigoi. Since it is honey-based, your Koi will love the taste. Advantages are:-

  1. healthy food for Nishikigoi.
  2. makes Koi’s skin more white.
  3. protects Kois from diseases.
  4. protects Kois from chemical poisoning.
  5. does not make bacteria resistant.

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BILLION Koi Food(Pellet form)

Product No: KF-02
Weight & Dimensions: 100g

Billion Pro Koi Food comes in 100g packets.
Mixed 100g Billion Pro pellets with 1 Kg of your regular Koi food. More Info

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Product No: KF-02
Weight & Dimensions: 2kg

It is an ideal natural food best for growth and lustre of the body.
Feeding Instructions : Never feed silkworm pupae below 18 degrees Celsius. Kois cannot digest this high protein food below this temperature. Feed Hi-Silk as a complementary food besides the normal feeding. Before feeding, soak them in lukewarm water for 1-2 hours to soften them first to help digestion and prevent overeating.

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Product No: KF-02
Weight & Dimensions: 1 Set (2 bags): 6kg / 1 bag: 3kg

Most koi breeders use silk worm pupae for years because of the richness in protein and superior quality lipids. The supplier, Kawaguchi Shoten, is a top dealer of Japanese silk worm. It is an ideal natural food best for growth and lustre of the body.

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Product No: KF-02
Weight & Dimensions: 5Kg

HI-SILK 21 is the highest quality koi food induce growth in Japan. Silkworm in the pellets makes your Koi grow bigger because of the special formation of 43.8% of crude protein. Silk powder in the food improves your Koi’s liver function and makes its white ground more white. Hi-Silk 21 is the only food that contains silkworm in Japan. It is also manufactured by Kawaguchi Shoten.

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Product No: –
Weight & Dimensions: · Medium Pellets: 3mm · Large Pellets: 7mm · Weight: 10Kg

KIRIN- COLOR ENHANCER. It contains 5% spirulina and 5% shrimp extract as colour enhancers. Because of the easy digestion and absorption, you can enhance the colour without damaging skin.

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