Our three-in-one service is quite a crowd puller.

Koi Care Services
When you need go away for a holiday, but how about your beloved kois? Who will look after them while you are away? Or if you need to renovate your house, all the construction and debris will affect your kois’ health and even posed a danger to your kois.

Fear not, you can leave your beloved kois with us. Summer Koi provides professional koi care for your beloved Kois, including transportation (both ways), feeding, daily inspection and medical treatment (if required). Your kois will be housed individual superb water quality and well aerated pond.

Koi Pond Maintenance Service
Kois are to be enjoyed but to keep the kois in tip top condition, you need to maintain your pond and water. Summer Koi provides comprehensive pond maintenance services for you so that you just need to enjoy and appreciate your kois.

Our services includes:

  1. Pond Cleaning including:
    • Cleaning of filters and replacement of filter materials if necessary (Charged separately)
    • Cleaning of water features,
    • Checking and cleaning of water pumps and pipings,
  2. Checking of the condition the pond (leakages)
  3. Checking of water condition including addition of salt and water conditioner,
  4. Water pumps and pond accessories replacement

Koi Transport Service
After you have purchased your kois from us, we can provide “Farm-to-Pond” service to transfer your kois from our farm to your pond, under the professional care of our experience staff to ensure that your kois will have a stress free journey to your pond.

We also provide koi transfer service to move your kois from one location to another within Singapore. For example, when you are moving to a new house.